Sometimes when you have the courage to ask the difficult questions in your life, you won’t always like the answers you get. I guess accepting those answers, though, whether good, bad, or indifferent, is where our personal growth occurs. It is within that growth that we outgrow where we happen to reside at that point of our lives. When staying in those treasured but fleeting moments no longer is an acceptable alternative to living a fulfilling, meaningful and genuinely happy life. Because of that personal growth, we are forced to move on, to find our place – our meaning. Maybe not so much to bigger or better things and places, but different ones just the same. Places where, and people with whom, our new selves can exist comfortably – new digs that better fit the contours of our experiences and decisions. Where we can finally stop running, to take a moment to stretch our legs out, to breathe easy, and to show deference to our past by only looking to our future. To places where we can reflect in theory only, and truly appreciate the circumstances and people that led to our expanded horizons and world. Love.


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